Vancouver police officer struck by distracted driver while ticketing a distracted driver

distracted driving

A distracted driver struck a Vancouver police officer as the officer was sitting in his vehicle writing up a ticket for a distracted driving incident.

Police say the officer was sitting in his unmarked vehicle with the lights and sirens on after he had pulled over a distracted driver, as reported by CBC News.

He was then rear-ended by a driver in a Mazda. Police say the officer has not been able to return to work since the incident on September 23rd, and is still recovering.

The police were able to acquire dashcam footage of the collision.

The driver of the Mazda only had a learner’s permit, which requires the presence of a qualified driver when driving. However, the passenger in the car did not have a license.

The driver of the first vehicle and the Mazda were both unharmed.

Police are reminding people to drive smarter with the approaching weather shift.

A survey from 2018 conducted by the Harris Poll revealed that 37 percent of Canadians admit to being distracted drivers.

Source: CBC News