Over 2,000 electronic patient records improperly accessed at Alberta hospital


A data breach has caused more than 2,000 electronic patient health records to be improperly accessed at a hospital in Alberta.

The data breach was found following an internal investigation at the Alberta Public Laboratories clinical lab at the Red Deer Regional Hospital centre.

The records that were accessed were mainly of hospital emergency patients, according to the Canadian Press.

Thirty staff members were allegedly involved in the breach, and three of the employees have been fired from the hospital.

Officials have said that there is no evidence that suggests that the information leaked in the breach has been used inappropriately.

Patients who have been impacted by the breach have been contacted via email. A Health Link call line has been set-up for those who have questions regarding the breach.

The investigation that led to the discovery of the breach had looked into unusual login activity between December of last year and this May. The breach was discovered in April.

Source: The Canadian Press