Samsung patent showcases slider phone design

Samsung showed off a handset with a foldable display in 2019 and rumour has it we’re getting another one next year.

However, a new patent filed by Samsung at the World Intellectual Property Office suggests the South Korean company is also working on a slider phone.

That’s right: the patent, spotted by Dutch-language website LetsGoDigital, showcases a handset with a screen that folds and tucks into the recess of the phone.

The device doesn’t seem like the slider phones we know and love. The sliding mechanism is actually very slight. Regularly, the device offers a full-screen experience like the Asus ZenFone 6 or the OnePlus 7 Pro. But when you want to use the selfie camera, you slide down on the screen to reveal an assortment of sensors and cameras.

The sliding motion also slides the very bottom part of the screen into the device.

The patent also indicates if you’re in a call and the display on full screen, if you slide down you can end the call. Or if you’re on the home screen and slide down it’ll open up the camera app.

It sort of seems like an odd way to hide the front-facing camera, but it’s definitely something that’s unique.

Similar to all patents, this design may never come to fruition.

Source: WIPO, Via: LetsGoDigital