YouTube is using YouTube to push users to YouTube Music

Oh, YouTube you rascal

It looks like YouTube is tightening its integration with its streaming music sister-platform YouTube Music through a new form of personalized advertising.

9to5Google is reporting that if a new single or album drops on YouTube Music and you use the same Google account for both services, you may see a YouTube Music ad for the new music from artists that you like.

For example, 9to5Google reporter Abner Li has listened to the Foals before and was presented with an ad to listen to the band’s new single at the top of their YouTube app.

This is an interesting move for Google, but it makes sense. Since so many people already use YouTube, it could be a way to introduce the music platform to more users. That said, Li is also a YouTube Premium subscriber so the app likely knows that he has access to the full version of YouTube Music.

Either way, Google has to find some way to migrate users over to YouTube Music since it seems like the company’s other music streaming app, Google Play Music, is being slowly shuttered.

Source: 9t05Google