Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a neo-noir detective game that’s perfect for mobile [Game of the Week]

There's a lot to love about this feature packed game


Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a mobile point and click adventure title developed by Kiary Games that tasks players with investigating a deserted town and discovering the mysteries in it.

The game consists of a collection of small and large areas where players navigate by tapping on things in the environment to solve puzzles.

For example, in an early location, you need to find a way to open a gate so your car can drive to the next area. To do this, you need to enter a hut, switch the camera’s perspective a few times and find a way to turn on the power so you can open the gate. While this level is relatively simple, the game becomes progressively more complicated as you get further into it.

The story is interesting too, though it’s a slow burn since the puzzles take up a significant amount of time. Still, it’s an interesting mystery and offers more content than a lot of other free games I’ve played.

That said, that game isn’t 100 percent free. You can play a large chunk of it for free, but there are some ads present. On top of that, you can’t use the game’s hint mode without buying its $5.58 CAD Season Pass. It’s worth noting that it’s currently on sale for $2.79. With the amount of content this game offers, I think the pass is a fair deal if you end up liking the Tiny Room Stories.

The pass also includes access to the game’s second season, which features chapters seven to 11 and Season three, which is slated to release in 2020.

Finally, the Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery runs on the Unity game engine and looks pretty cool with its isometric cell-shaded art style.

I look forward to getting deeper into the mystery of Tiny Room Stories and I appreciate the challenges that it provides.

You can download the game for free on Android.