Developer of ‘Blue Mail’ app files lawsuit against Apple

Blix, the company behind emailing app Blue Mail, has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the tech giant infringes on its patents.

The company alleges that Apple stole Blue Mail’s “Share Email” feature, and embedded it within its “Sign in with Apple” feature.

The “Sign in with Apple” feature was announced earlier this year at WWDC, and focuses on privacy and security. It allows users to log into new apps through their Apple ID.

It enables users to hide their real email addresses during sign up processes because it generates a new email address for the authentication process. The correspondence that follows from the sign up is then sent to the users’ private email address.

Blix alleges that Apple’s privacy feature, which generates a unique email address for sign up processes, was copied from Blue Mail.

The company previously accused Apple of suppressing Blue Mail in the App Store ranking, by pushing it down to 143rd in the search results. It also challenged Apple’s claims that Blue Mail copied another app called TypeApp, which led to its removal from the Mac App Store.

Blix is currently demanding damages and legal fees through the lawsuit.

Source: The Washington Post