Google releases October security patch, first for Android 10

Essential also launched its October security patch for Android 10 users

Pixel 3 XL

Google has released the first monthly security patch and update for Android 10. Every month Google launches security patches for Android devices. However, this is the first one since the release of Android 10.

The patch fixes bootloop issues that many Pixel XL users had experienced since updating to Android 10. Additionally, there’s the memory drain concern that many have noticed, which is also getting fixed.

One issue I experienced, that is now fixed, are the notifications in Pixel Stand mode. Prior to the fix, the phone did not show any of the notifications you’re getting.

The patch also fixes an issue with the original Pixel and Pixel 2 that could have hackers take complete control of your device after installing a malicious app.

The bulletin includes three security fixes and eight functional updates.

The Pixel OTA and full factory images are rolling out now.

Essential’s October security update for Android 10 users is also now available.

Source: Android Security Bulletin