Nobody cares about the iPhone notch, according to U.S. judge

The notch really doesn't bother most people

iPhone X

A U.S. federal judge thinks nobody really cares about the iPhone notch.

A lawsuit brought against Apple alleges that the advertised screen size and resolution of the iPhone X, XS and XS Max includes pixels that aren’t actually there because of the notch.

Since March, Apple has been trying to get the case dismissed. The company says it already explains how it measures screen size on its packaging. However, the plaintiffs hope to make it a nationwide class-action lawsuit.

According to Law360, the federal judge hearing the case thinks the matter isn’t a big deal. “There doesn’t really seem to be anyone in America who seems to be concerned about it,” he said.

Further, the judge reportedly said that there’s a legal precedent that could keep the lawsuit from becoming a class action.

Having used an iPhone XS throughout the last year, I’m inclined to agree with the judge. It really isn’t intrusive, and I often don’t notice it. There are far worse notches out there as well.

While I would enjoy having the extra screen real estate, it would only really benefit videos and games. Most apps have to allow space for a status bar with the time, signal and battery indicators. Getting rid of the notch wouldn’t add a tremendous amount of space anyway.

Source: Law360 Via: The Verge