Apple might still be working on Apple Watch sleep features

Sleep tracking has been rumoured to be making its way to the Apple Watch for years now

The Apple Watch remains one of the best smartwatches around, but it still can’t do one thing: sleep tracking.

If you want the ability to track sleep with Apple’s wearable, your only option right now is to use a third-party app.

That might change soon though because an App Store listing for the Apple Watch Alarms references what seems to be an unreleased official Sleep app for the wearable, as first reported by Twitter user Daniel Marcinkowski (@dmarcinkowski_) and MacRumors. The image has since been removed from the listing.

Apple Watch Sleep Alarm

The short description indicates that users will be able to set their bedtime and wake-up time in the Sleep app, similar to Apple’s iPhone clock app. It’s likely that like Fitbit’s recently released Fitbit Versa 2, the Apple Watch will also track the wearer’s sleeping pattern, as well as possibly wake the user up at the optimal time.

Apple has been rumoured to have plans to add a sleep tracking functionality to the Apple Watch for a number of years. Back in 2017 the tech giant acquired sleep-tracking hardware maker Beddit, though the company’s devices still haven’t made their way to Canada. Just like its Beats brand, Apple has primarily kept Beddit as a separate entity from the rest of the company.

Reports emerged courtesy of 9to5Mac back in early September regarding sleep tracking coming to the Apple Watch, but there was no mention of the feature during the company’s iPhone 11 keynote.

It’s likely that if Apple does hold a late October hardware event, sleep tracking for the Apple Watch will make an appearance.

The Series 5, Apple’s most recently released Apple Watch, features an always-on display. Beyond this new feature though, the wearable is nearly identical to the Apple Watch Series 4.

Image credit: MacRumors/Apple 

Source: MacRumors