Call of Duty: Mobile had the biggest mobile game launch ever: report

Mario Kart Tour held the previous top spot

Call of Duty: Mobile Crossfire

Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile had the largest launch of any mobile game to date, according to mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Speaking to CNBC, Sensor Tower revealed that the free-to-play first-person shooter has surpassed 100 million downloads in its first week since launching worldwide on October 1st. This tops the previous record of 90 million set by recent Nintendo release Mario Kart Tour.

Meanwhile, the massively popular Pokémon Go hit 85.5 million first-week downloads when it launched in August 2016.

That said, Sensor Tower didn’t reveal any figures related to in-app spending in Call of Duty: Mobile. Like many other mobile games, Call of Duty: Mobile features a litany of microtransactions that have players spending real money to receive in-game currency.

In this case, that currency is ‘CP,’ which is used to acquire and upgrade gear. Bundles of CP start at $1.39 CAD and go as high as $139.99.

The game also has a purchasable Fortnite-like battle pass that rewards players with in-game loot for completing objectives within a certain time period.

Therefore, Call of Duty: Mobile‘s true measure of success will come from the amount of money that players spend on these in-app purchases. For context, Pokémon Go had generated lifetime revenue of $2.6 billion USD (about $3.5 billion CAD) in June 2019.

That number has no doubt seen a marked increase in the following months, especially since August 2019 was the game‘s largest month since launch.

For now, Activision and developer Tencent Timi are planning to regularly update Call of Duty: Mobile with new content over the coming months.

Call of Duty: Mobile can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.

Source: CNBC