Xbox system update adds game sale alerts, increased parental controls

Microsoft has begun rolling out its Xbox One October 2019 system update to all users.

The update’s most significant new feature is the ability for parents to set app and game limits. For example, parents can now limit their kids’ Fortnite playtime to one or two hours at a time if they so choose.

These limits carry over across Xbox One and Windows 10 so kids can’t switch devices in an attempt to bypass the parental controls.

Additionally, the October update introduces Wish List notifications to inform you when a game in your Wish List goes on sale. Wish Lists can be managed on Microsoft’s website.

Other new features in the October update include:

  • Automatic game updates have been improved to reduce the number of times “update required” appears
  • A “full Mixer experience” built into the dashboard so users don’t need to go into a separate app
  • Prevent some games from automatically recording moments when video capture is turned on
  • Recommend an Xbox Game Pass title to a friend or gaming community via message

Source: Xbox