Google Chrome to let you send numbers from your browser to your phone

In the current Chrome Beta, users can send hyperlinked numbers or right-click on numbers to send to their phone

Google Chrome app on Android

If you’ve ever wanted to easily send a phone number from your laptop to your phone, Google Chrome has you covered.

The beta version of Google’s popular web browser began testing a new feature that allows users to send phone numbers from the desktop to their phone. The feature is part of Chrome Beta version 78.

Any hyperlinked phone number, as well as any number users highlight and right-click on, will provide an option to ‘Call from Your Devices.’ Click this presents a list of connected devices, presumably Android phones signed in to the same Google account as Chrome. When you click on a device, you’ll get a notification with the number. Tapping that notification pastes the number in the dialer so you can call it.

Android Police notes that the feature should be live by default for anyone using Chrome Beta 78. However, if it isn’t available, users should be able to activate it with a flag (special settings within Chrome). To activate the flag, copy the following URL into your Chrome address bar:


Once the page loads, enable the flag called “Enable click to call feature on desktop when a phone number is selected.” Restart Chrome and the feature should work.

Android Police says that Chrome can send phone numbers to devices with Android 9 and 10, but haven’t confirmed if it works with older versions of Android. It also appears the feature isn’t tied to a specific version of mobile Chrome.

If you want to try it out, you can download the Chrome Beta here. Make sure you’re running version 78, and you should have access to the feature.

Google will likely add it to the stable version of Chrome when version 78 officially rolls out.

Source: Android Police