Google brings ‘Grasshopper’ coding app to desktop

Google says over 2 million people have used Grasshopper to learn code

Google’s excellent coding education app, Grasshopper, is making its way to desktop.

Grasshopper creates a beginner-friendly environment for people to learn to code. It takes users through simple coding puzzles to develop basic skills, then tests them with more complex puzzles. These tests often combine several skills people have developed through the app.

While Google designed Grasshopper to help users learn on the go, it also recognizes that some may want to learn on a bigger screen.

Along with making Grasshopper available on desktop, Google also added new desktop-related courses to the app. Grasshopper can now teach people about using a code editor and offers an ‘Intro to Webpages’ class.

Intro to Webpages includes a new ‘project-based’ curriculum to teach people how to build and design a website from the ground up. The course includes Javascript fundamentals, HTML and CSS. Google says beginner coders will understand how to make a simple website after just four courses.

Further, Google says that since it launched Grasshopper in April 2018, over two million people have used the app.

To learn more about the app, check out our breakdown of Grasshopper. If you’re interested in trying it on desktop, type ‘grasshopper.app‘ into the address bar in your browser to start coding.

Source: Google