Instagram’s new ‘Create’ mode offers a ‘Throwback Thursday’ feature

Instagram is opening up Stories beyond the camera

Instagram has launched a new ‘Create’ mode that contains an ‘On This Day’ feature for sharing old posts.

In practice, this essentially turns “Throwback Thursday” into an official feature.

When opening the Stories tab, you’ll find a new ‘Create’ option right beside the ‘Normal’ option for basic photos and videos. From there, tap the clock icon to automatically bring up a Story from exactly one year prior.

If you’ve shared other Stories two or more years ago, you can tap the hourglass at the top of the page to cycle through them. Meanwhile, tapping the bottom right circle will let you toggle between different coloured backgrounds for your On This Day Story.

Tap the clock icon again to add final tweaks like additional text, stickers, markups and more. Once finished, press the ‘Send To’ button to share the Story.

Beyond On This Day, Create mode also contains a carousel of regular Instagram features, including GIFs, polls, questions and more. These features were already present in Stories, but Create mode allows you to access them without posting a picture first.

Create mode is now available in Instagram on both Android and iOS.

Via: TechCrunch