Linksys begins offering mesh Wi-Fi system that detects motion

The feature is only available on the Velop Tri-Band AC2200 routers at launch

Router company Linksys has launched a new Wi-Fi feature called Linksys Aware that detects motion within your home.

This feature is only available on the company’s Velop Tri-Band AC2200 routers, but the wording in the company’s press release makes it seem like more mesh Wi-Fi systems will follow.

The purpose of a mesh Wi-Fi system that can sense motion is to detect intruders in your home. However, that’s just the initial use case. It seems like this motion-sensing technology could be pivotal in smart home scenarios.

For instance, imagine walking in your front door and without saying a word, the front hall lights in your home turn on as a reaction to sensing the motion by the door.

Linksys seems to be thinking along these lines for future motion-sensing Wi-Fi applications since Matthew Keasler, Linksys Aware product manager said, “No longer will the router just be a device that enables Internet access in a home, it will be the cog that drives the smart home,” in the company’s press release.

To get the feature, you’ll need to update your Linksys app on either iOS or Android and then pay $2.99 USD ($3.99 CAD) per month or $24 USD per year ($31.99 CAD). However, you do get 90 days of the service for free to test it out.

Source: Linksys