Amazon’s high-end Fire TV Cube is now available in Canada

It's an Amazon Echo for your TV

Amazon’s latest Fire TV device to hit Canadian shelves is called the Fire TV Cube. It combines the company’s television operating system with an Echo Dot for enhanced voice controls.

The device is cube-shaped and measures in at 7.6cm tall, so users should be able to find a place to fit it in most TV stands. Placing it under the TV stand should be done with care since the new device features an IR blaster and can control other devices like an audio receiver.

It’s also packing a new Hexa-core processor that Amazon says is the fasted mobile chip to be featured in a Fire TV yet. This helps the interface run smoothly and supports all of the onboard and cloud technology that powers Alexa.

Alexa is the critical factor that sets the Cube apart from other Fire TV devices. The Fire TV Cube features an array of built-in far-field microphones and a speaker, allowing it to work as a traditional Echo device. This means that whether TV is on or off, you can still talk to Alexa. Although, when the TV is on, it displays more contextual information similar to an Echo smart display.

Amazon has also revamped the Fire TV interface to make it look more like a grid of apps. It’s also now easier to navigate with your voice. When you search for media with the set-top box, there are corresponding numbers beside each result, so you can just say, “Alexa, choose number 4,” instead of the name of the show or movie.

The Fire TV Cube is available on for $149.99 CAD.

Source: Amazon Canada