Google Maps now features more in-depth spoken directions

Google Maps app icon

Google has rolled out a Maps update that adds more detailed spoken directions.

While anyone can take advantage of this improved functionality, Google has specifically introduced it with the visually-impaired in mind.

Now, Maps will provide more alerts to help keep users safe. For example, the app will tell users when to turn and notify them to exercise caution when crossing at an upcoming intersection. Meanwhile, users who accidentally move away from their route will be told Maps is re-routing them.

To turn this feature on, go to Google Maps’ settings and select ‘Navigation.’ From there, go to the bottom of this list and find ‘Walking options’ and select ‘Detailed voice guidance.’

Google revealed the feature now to coincide with World Sight Day.

So far, the feature has only rolled out to the United States (in English) and Japan (in Japanese), although Google says “support for additional languages and countries [is] on the way.”

Source: Google