Google bringing Routine support to Android TVs

This could be a big move for people committed to Google Assistant

Google’s Android TVs are soon going to support ‘Routine’ functions with a new ready-made ‘Showtime’ Routine preset.

Routines are custom strings of actions Google Assistant can do that you trigger with a single word or phrase. For example, the upcoming ‘Showtime’ Routine will close smart blinds, dim lights and start a movie on your Android TV when you say, “Ok Google, showtime,” according to 9to5Google.

Currently, you can only trigger Routines from phones and tablets running Android 6 and above, Assistant-enabled smart displays and smart speakers. It seems that when Google adds the Showtime routine, Android TVs will be included in this.

This could be an excellent addition to the Routines formula since it would allow users to play YouTube videos with a single command. For instance, I’d like a Routine that started a smart coffee maker and opened the CBC app and started playing the news on my TV in the morning.

Google isn’t the only smart home system to offer these. Alexa also offers its own version of Routines, and Apple offers a feature called Shortcuts that also functions similarly.

Source: 9to5Google