Pixel Buds settings now have ‘Hey Google’ hotword, feature not working

It's possible Google pushed out the feature early

Pixel Buds header

The latest Pixel Buds update enables the “Hey Google” hotword — however, the feature isn’t working yet.

According to 9to5Google, when you navigate to the Pixel Buds’ settings, there’s a new update for ‘Hey Google’ support. The feature also supports Voice Match, which means the buds should only activate Google if you’re saying, ‘Hey Google.’

While this functionality is useful when your hands are full, and you can’t tap and hold the right earbud to activate Assistant, it’s not working currently.

According to 9to5, when you press the toggle, nothing happens and when you head back to the settings the toggle is switched off.

After trying this out myself, I can confirm the feature doesn’t work for me either. It’s possible that this a bug, or that Google pushed out the feature early and a firmware update is needed.

Google will reportedly launch a new pair of Pixel Buds on October 15th, alongside the Pixel 4, Nest Mini and more.

Source: 9to5Google