Amazon says its facial recognition technology should be regulated

The company's facial recognition technology, Rekognition, launched in 2016

Amazon has said that Rekognition, which is its facial recognition technology, should be regulated by governments, according to a recent blog post.

The facial recognition technology has been used to find missing children and identity victims of child sex trafficking.

Although Amazon says it provides guidance on how to use Rekognition to its customers, including law enforcement, it believes it should still be regulated.

“We think that governments should act to regulate the use of this technology to ensure it’s used appropriately,” the blog post reads.

Amazon says the regulations should be designed to ensure the protection of civil rights, and that governments are transparent about how they’re using the technology.

The company addressed a number of other issues in its blog post, including punishing counterfeiters, climate change, and diversity. It says it created the post to inform its customers and investors about its views on these issues.

The blog post comes at a time when Amazon is being scrutinized for its market power and treatment of workers.

Source: Amazon