Apple sets 2022 deadline for development of in-house 5G modem: report

A source familiar with the matter says that the deadline might not be realistic

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple has set “an aggressive 2022 deadline” for the development of in-house 5G modems as part of a new system-on-a-chip design.

According to a new Fast Company report, this technology will be used for future iPhones and iPads. The report indicated that development, testing and certification is expected to be completed by the deadline so that the new chip can be included in phones released that same year.

A source, however, indicated that this deadline is “really pushing it,” considering the amount of time it takes to manufacture and test a new chip. At the moment, the report said that the main issue right now is network optimization testing, which is required to ensure that the modem doesn’t have issues with wireless networks of other carriers.

Tests are also required to comply with global standards as well as the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S.

The source believes that a 2023 deadline might be more realistic. In June, Apple agreed to acquire most of Intel’s smartphone modem business likely in an effort to develop its own 5G modem technology.

For now though, reports suggest Apple will utilize Qualcomm’s chips when launches its 5G-enabled phones in 2020.

For what it’s worth, 5G networks in Canada won’t be available until at least 2021. The federal government is currently reviewing the technology and network in Canada.

Source: Fast Company Via: Macrumors