Apples patches exploited vulnerability in iCloud and iTunes on Windows PCs

The vulnerability was exploited by hackers and bypassed anti-virus software

A zero-day vulnerability in iCloud and iTunes on Windows PCs allowed hackers to install ransomware undetected.

The vulnerability had been exploited by the hackers to run BitPaymer, which is a ransomware software. These kinds of softwares can encrypt a hard drive with a passcode that only the attacker knows, allowing them to then demand a ransom.

Researchers at Morphisec, a cyber defense software company, found the vulnerability on October 7th. Apple has since patched the vulnerability in the two programs.

The ransomware was able to be installed because it appeared to be authorized by Apple apps, allowing them to bypass anti-virus software.

However, since the vulnerability was in the Bonjour component that iCloud and iTunes for window rely on, it’s possible that some users are still at risk because Bonjour is not automatically removed after installation. Bonjour needs to be uninstalled separately.

PC users should ensure that they’ve updated to the latest versions of iCloud and iTunes to avoid any issues. Mac users have not been impacted by this vulnerability.

Source: Morphisec Via: 9to5Mac