Apps that boost health, productivity for young girls, boys, gender-neutral children

These puzzle and learning games, and health apps are great for young girls

October 11th is International Day of the Girl Child, declared by the United Nations. The day aims to encourage girls to pursue their dreams, uplift their self-esteem and celebrate their talents.

The day also wants to break stereotypes and empower children in developed countries, as well as is an opportunity to educate people regarding equality between sexes.

To celebrate the day, MobileSyrup is highlighting a few smartphone apps that are helpful to young girls, but some of them can also be useful for boys and gender-neutral children.


This app was developed by Canadian female developer, Brie Code, who left her career in artificial intelligence gaming to pursue her passion project. #SelfCare was designed by Code’s company Tru Luv, which focuses on allowing the user to pretend they’re in bed and offers restorative activities to promote deep relaxation.

The app is available on the App Store and the Play Store.

Women Who Changed the World

This app provides a journey through history teaching app users about female scientists, artists, civil rights activists and what they’ve achieved.

This specific app is only available for iOS users and is $3.99 CAD in the App Store.

Clue Period Tracker

This is an excellent app for young girls who are going through puberty and want to track their cycle. The app lets young girls approximate their cycle, track monthly symptoms like cramps, skin breakouts, and irritability. Young girls can also learn about their cycle and better understand their health.

Clue is available on iOS and the Play Store.

The Enchanted World

The Enchanted World is a puzzle-adventure game set in a magical world that is under dark forces. Players are tasked with guiding the fairy through beautiful scenes, while solving puzzles to put the magical world back to good order. This game is definitely something that can be played by any young child or adolescent.

The Enchanted World is only available on Apple Arcade, which in Canada has a subscription cost of $5.99 CAD per month.

Sago Mini Storytellers

Sago Mini is a Canadian made bundle of games that are gender-neutral. Children playing will experience and explore different story narratives and games to build more confidence and self-esteem.

There are several games available in the Play Store, with some being free and others costing as low as $5.49 CAD. A bundle pack is available in the App Store for $20.99.

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

Aaptiv is a great fitness workout app that is also gender-neutral. Young adolescents that are starting to work out or want to be more physically healthy can use the app to get access to audio-based fitness classes, which are led by certified personal trainers.

This app is only available in the App Store and is free.