Five new challenging games have launched on Apple Arcade

The new games include an action game, music symphony game and strategy game

Apple has announced five new Apple Arcade games for iOS 13, iPadOS, and tvOS.

The first game is an action game called INMOST. The title features a knight sworn to the forces of darkness, a young girl all alone, and a creature that feeds on pain. The game is story-driven and takes place in an old abandoned castle. You have to avoid deadly traps and make your way past enemies to escape the evil that lurks within.

The second game is called ShockRods, and is an action racing title. You can play multiplayer with friends or by yourself against some bots. The goal is score points and get to the end no matter what. The game has classic modes like ‘Capture the Flag,’ but also has original modes like ‘Shockball.’ You have to dodge, jump, and shoot as you ride to victory.

Stela is an adventure game that features a young woman who is experiencing the final days of a mysterious old world. The studio that created the title, SkyBox Labs, is Vancouver-based and also co-developed Halo Infinite. You have to overcome obstacles, beasts, and treacherous terrain. You have to solve puzzles and make it past dangerous creatures while listening to an original soundtrack. The goal is to survive sweeping environments like haunted forests and mysterious towns.

The fourth game is called Mind Symphony and is a music action game. You’ll experience music and gameplay that will impact you emotionally and mentally. It sets gameplay to tracks that make for a fun experience. There is a mode to time your attacks and enemies to the music. The intensity of the music increases when you score. There’s also a calm mode that allows for a soothing experience.

Decoherence is a strategy game where you build robots from a variety of different components. You can play as a pilot with your bots in a PvP match, or play by yourself in the single-player mode. You can customize your bots and give them different commands. You’ll need to adapt to the different layouts and remember that anything can happen in this game.

Four new games were also recently added to Apple Arcade, including Pilgrims, Nightmare Farm, Redout: Space Assault and The Bradwell Conspiracy.

Apple Arcade costs $5.99 CAD/month.