Freedom Mobile reportedly launching ‘MyTab Rollover’ feature on October 17

Freedom once again has a very competitive offer

Freedom Mobile is reportedly launching a new plan feature called ‘MyTab Rollover’ aimed at helping users upgrade to a new device as frequently as possible.

At its core, the deal lets users migrate some of their remaining MyTab balance over to the payments on a new device instead.

This means if a user bought a phone from Freedom on a contract and they only had, for example, $330 left to pay off, they could move that price to a new Tab associated with a new phone.

A few rules govern the feature to stop users from abusing it. First off, users need to be on a monthly plan that costs more than $50. Secondly, Freedom will only allow some users to rollover their Tab balance. This will depend on how much they owe and what device they own.

Freedom has shared a chart with iPhone in Canda that details the new plan structure.

While this is quite confusing, it appears that Freedom will cover some of the user’s existing MyTab balance if the user upgrades, and then lumps the remaining balance on top of the user’s new MyTab balance.

Currently, users need to pay off their MyTab before they can upgrade their device, but often carriers have been known to send targeted deals offering to pay a small chunk of the remaining balance to entice users to upgrade and stay on their network.

This new MyTab Rollover seems to be a variation on that deal.

While this seems like an easy way to get users to upgrade their devices, they will be paying more per month than they would be if they paid off the balance themselves or waited for their full two-year contract to end.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Freedom Mobile for more information and clarification on the new feature

Source: iPhone in Canada