Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite rumoured to launch in Europe

The phone will reportedly launch in black and red

Samsung has plans to launch a new smartphone called the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, according to SamMobile

The Note 10 Lite will cost less and is also a technical downgrade from the Note 10 in several ways.

The rumoured device is set to be available in Europe and will come in two colours, ‘black’ and ‘red,’ according to SamMobile’s sources.

It’s currently unclear if the Note 10 Lite will also be released in Canada.

In Canada, the Note 10 costs $1,259.99 CAD outright. A Note 10 with a lower price point could potentially appeal to a wider audience.

Considering this rumoured smartphone comes with Note branding, it will likely launch at some point in the next few months prior to the release of Samsung’s inevitable S11 series.

Source: SamMobile