This $40 bundle deal will help you master Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Microsoft Office is the industry standard when it comes to productivity apps. You can’t step into a modern office, library, or lab without coming across it. As such, mastering these programs will help you stand out in any work environment, and this bundle contains all the knowledge needed to do so for just $39.99.

The Complete Microsoft Office Training Bundle is a comprehensive guide to mastering Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. In this bundle, you’ll find 62 hours of content across 594 video lectures as well as exercises and tests to hone your skills. These courses will teach you how to use essential Excel functions, creating slides with a variety of animations in PowerPoint, and advanced formatting functions for Word. Finally, you’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course, so you can impress current and future employers with your certified Office skills.

As the name would suggest, nearly every office has a copy of Microsoft Office. With the Complete Microsoft Office Training Bundle, you’ll learn skills that will set you ahead of your peers for just $39.99 CAD [$29.99 USD], or 87% off.

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The Complete Microsoft Office Training Bundle – $29.99

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