Google’s new Nest Mini features two times louder bass than original

The Nest Mini now comes in a new 'Sky' colour

Google has announced the Nest Mini, the successor to the Home Mini. The new 2nd generation Nest Mini looks slightly smaller than the Home Mini, but the size difference is barely noticable.

The new smart speaker seems similar to the predecessor, but with bass that is two times louder than the previous model.

The Nest Mini offers much fuller sound than the Home Mini. In fact, it sounds very similar to the Google Home regarding audio quality, which Google has yet to reveal a new refresh of.

New Nest Mini

Additionally, you can now wall-mount the speaker, and doing this seems to amplify the sound of the small speaker using the wall.

The Nest Mini also includes a feature called ‘Ambient IQ’ that allows the speaker to adapt to the sound in the room. For example, if a dog is barking and the washing machine is on, the speaker will know to be louder so you can hear it over the other noise in the room.

Similar to the Pixel 4, the Nest Mini will feature on-device machine learning that allows Google Assistant to answer questions and perform tasks more quickly. Unfortunately, this feature won’t be available in Canada at launch, according to Google.

A cool feature coming to the Nest Mini is the ability to call your ‘Home’ with your phone, causing the Nest Mini’s speakers in your house to ring. The person on the end can then speak to you through the Nest Mini’s built-in mics.

Google says the Nest Mini is covered in a durable fabric top made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, the external enclosure is made from 35 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

Google’s new Nest Mini is now available for pre-order and releases on October 22nd. It’s set to be available in ‘Charcoal,’ ‘Chalk,’ ‘Coral’ and ‘Sky’ for $69.99 CAD at the Google Store, Best Buy Canada, Costco and more.