Third-party partners required to pass security review before accessing Google Nest devices

The security test is for all third-party partners working on Google Assistant

Nest Mini

Third-party partners will be required to “to pass a security review” before they can access Nest devices, Google said during its fall hardware event in New York.

During the event, Rishi Chandra, vice-president and general manager of Google Nest stated that the company wants to focus on privacy especially for its devices that have Google Assistant.

This new security update requirement is for any third-party partner that intends to work with Google Assistant.

“We are working with partners to migrate to Nest, but doing it built on privacy and security,” Chandra said.

“For example, we are requiring partners to now pass a security review before they can access your Nest device. You should have confidence in how Google and its partners are protecting your home data. And instead, you can focus on the benefits of the helpful home.”

During the keynote, Google announced its new Nest Mini, the successor to the Home Mini. It is slightly smaller than the Home Mini and features better sound quality.

The Nest Mini will be priced at $49 USD (about $64.75 CAD) and will be available in 23 countries starting October 22nd.

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