Giphy launches gaming platform letting users create and play games

The platform has 100 games that you can play, remix and share

Giphy, a popular GIF-making website, has launched a gaming platform that allows users to play and make web games.

The new platform, which is called Giphy Arcade, has around 100 games. Users can play the original games or choose to make their own using eight templates.

The games are fairly short and can be shared with other users. Giphy said it wanted to keep the games short so they can move across the internet the same way that GIFs do.

You can play classic premade games like Centipede and Breakout. The classic games have a Giphy spin on them as they feature art from popular memes and GIFs.

The platform also wants users to go beyond the premade games and actually make their own. You can create a new twist for a classic game by choosing new art for the characters through the GIF database. You can then pick new music from a selection of tracks.

If you want to create an entire new game instead of just a twist on a class one, you can develop one using the templates available.

Once you create your game, you’ll get a link that you can share with others so they can play your game.

Giphy has made a place for itself on the internet through its GIF database, and perhaps it could do the same with its new gaming venture.

Image credit: Giphy Arcade

Source: Giphy Arcade Via: The Verge