Pixel 4 lets you delay software updates to happen overnight

The feature is now showing up consistently on the Pixel 4 after first appearing earlier this year

Pixel 4 colours

While a Pixel launch always brings exciting new hardware, the many small software changes that accompany Google’s latest flagships can be equally exciting.

One small new feature appearing on the Pixel 4 and 4 XL: nightly updates.

Essentially, users can choose to delay a software update and have it happen at night. When you install a new update, the update screen in settings lets you restart the device immediately. A second option now enables you to restart and update at 2am.

While the feature is showing consistently now on Pixel 4 devices, it isn’t actually new. The change first appeared on some Pixel devices back in February.

However, the option hasn’t consistently shown up for some users.

While delayed restarts like this may seem like a small feature, it’s a welcome change for most users. Not everyone can or wants to do an update the second it’s installed on their device.

By delaying updates to a more convenient time, users can still get on the latest software without having to interrupt whatever they’re doing when the update arrives.

Hopefully the change trickles down to other Pixel devices soon.

Source: Android Central