Samsung working to get glass screens for foldable displays

The successor to the Galaxy Fold will feature a plastic screen

Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold doesn’t use a glass screen and instead features a plastic display.

However, it appears that ETNews has more information about the glass Samsung plans to utilize in its upcoming foldable devices.

According to the South Korean publication, a firm called Dowoo Insys has started production of Samsung’s first batch of ultra-thin glass.

Doowo’s ultra-thin glass goes through another tempering process to make it stronger, according to reports. That said, how exactly Doowo does this remains a secret.

While this technology will help Samsung with the quality of its foldable devices, it may take some time before its implemented. Another industry representative told ETNews that the successor to the Galaxy Fold would continue to use plastic.

Currently, ultra-thin glass is scratch-resistant, but ultimately it’s still quite fragile.

The report also suggests that Samsung will launch its second foldable in the second half of 2020. The successor to the Galaxy Fold will reportedly have a more widespread launch than the original. As the original Galaxy Fold is only coming to certain countries, and Canada isn’t one of them.

Source: ETNews