Apple says half of all iPhone users have updated to iOS 13

iOS 13 rolled out to users on September 19th and brought dark mode and Apple Arcade

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Apple has confirmed that 50 percent of users have updated their iPhones to iOS 13 over the past month since the operating system’s release.

The tech giant has also stated that 41 percent of users are still running iOS 12. Additionally, nine percent of users are still running an even older version of iOS.

The iOS 13 update came with system-wide dark mode, which was a highly anticipated feature. It also came with Apple Arcade, an on-demand gaming subscription service.

Interestingly, fewer people have downloaded iPadOS on their devices. For instance, only 33 percent of iPads are currently running iPasOS, while 51 percent are running iOS 12. However, the slow uptake could be due to the fact that iPadOS rolled out later than iOS 13.

After the rollout of iOS 13, a number of users reported problems with dark mode and the inconsistency with the feature. 

There were also some bugs that impacted Instagram, such as the sound in Instagram stories being cut, and the Spotify share to Instagram feature not working.

Source: Apple Via: Engadget