Election 2019: Alexa can help you stay up to date with the federal election

Real-time data will be sourced from the Canadian Press

You can now stay up to date on everything you need to know about the Canadian federal election with the help of Alexa.

The voice-assistant will be getting Canadians “up to speed with developments on the campaign trail, or will test their own knowledge of elections in Canada,” according to Amazon.

Alexa will help voters access answers on a range of questions pertaining to the election, like what you need to bring with you on voting day, confirming what riding you are in, or general knowledge on what parties are promising.

On October 21st, election night, Alexa will be “an up-to-the-minute resource to keep voters abreast of the latest available official data.”

Alexa’s information will be presented with real-time data sourced from The Canadian Press, “which will be regularly updated with the latest official information.”

Here is a list of things you can ask Alexa:

  • General update questions about the status and results in the elections
    “What’s my election update?”
    “Who is running in the Canadian elections?”
    “What is the status of the Canadian elections?”
    “How are the elections going in Canada?”
    “Who won the Canadian election?”
  • Results for parties overall and by province
    “What are the results for the Liberal Party”
    “How are the NDP doing in Ontario?”
    “Did the Conservatives win?”
    “How many seats did the Liberals get?”
  • Results for candidates overall (for party leaders) and by riding
    “How is Trudeau doing?”
    “Did Elizabeth May win the election?”
    “Who are the Papineau candidates?”
    “Who won in Burnaby South?”