Nanoleaf unveils ‘Screen Mirror’ feature to create theatre-like experience

The new feature has four different modes that you can select to match your mood

Nanoleaf has revealed its latest feature, the Nanoleaf Screen Mirror, which is designed to create a theatre-like experience in your home.

The Screen Mirror feature works with the Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas to form a multi-sensory experience. The content on your screen is reflected on the light panels and the Nanoleaf Canvas.

There are four different modes that you can select based on your mood or the occasion. You can choose ‘Match’ if you want to amplify an action movie. Another mode called ‘Melt’ subtly transitions between sequences when you’re watching something with an intense colour palette.

You can control the Screen Mirror feature using the new Nanoleaf desktop app. The new app lets you control the light panels and canvas from your computer.

The app was designed to give users more convenient controls and manage the larger installations. There’s also an offline mode that lets you access the lights even if you don’t have internet.

Image credit: Nanoleaf

Source: Nanoleaf