Android 10 has support for gesture navigation via third-party launchers on Pixel 4

It's unclear when the support will roll out to older Pixel models

Following the release of Google’s Pixel 4, the tech giant has added support for gesture navigation through third-party launchers.

Android Police has confirmed that the fix is already live on the Pixel 4 and XL, as third-party launchers like Nova have full gesture support.

Prior to the update, if you tried to use a third-party launcher on Android 10’s gesture navigation, you’d get an error message. It would then revert to the two-button navigation method.

The ability for third-party users to use the full gesture navigation was removed after Android 10 Beta 5. Google received backlash following the removal and stated that it was going to fix the issue but didn’t say when that would be.

Although you can use third-party launchers with the new Pixel 4 and 4 XL, it’s unclear when the support will available on older Pixel models.

Source: Android Police