Doug Ford says kids should focus on learning, not cellphones in class

In March, the Ontario Government announced its plan to ban cellphones in classrooms

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford tweeted out a video emphasizing how children don’t need to be using cellphones in classrooms and should be learning instead.

“You guys shouldn’t be on the phone in class,” he said in the video. “You should be learning. You can have the phones after.”

Ford was walking, on what could be a school field, carrying a goalie post. He’s followed by four kids walking with him and agreeing with him.

In March, Ontario’s Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, unveiled the Ontario Government’s plan that would, among other things, ban cellphones in the classroom.

The plan would include modernizing classrooms by expanding broadband and developing a new policy that would ban the use of cellphones during class except for educational purposes.

Specific details on how banning cellphones would happen were not detailed.

It should be noted that teachers will have exceptions and can still integrate the technology into their lesson plans. Further, phones will still be available to students with special needs.

Students would also be able to use a smartphone in case of a medical emergency, but specific information was not revealed during the March announcement.

The Toronto District School Board used to have a cellphone ban but lifted it after finding that it was impossible to enforce. Banning cellphones has been part of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford’s election platform in 2018.

Source: @fordnation