Dual-band GPS support reportedly coming to Pixel 4 ‘soon’

The product's specs page suggests that Google is currently working to bring the support to the device

Google’s newly released Pixel 4 will soon get support for enhanced dual-band GPS soon, according to the product’s specs page.

Android Police noticed that the Pixel 4’s product page currently reads, “Dual Band (L1+L5) or (E1 +E5a). Support – coming soon.”

Dual-band GPS, also known as dual-frequency GNSS, provides better navigation as it is able to pull more data from satellites. The update should make it easers for users in urban environments to get more accurate navigation.

The specs page suggests that the dual-band GPS will require a sort of software optimization to function, and that Google is currently working on it.

If this feature does roll out to the Pixel 4 in the future, it will be able to determine your location with an accuracy that will be much higher than what was capable by older phones.

Source: Google, Android Police