Eastlink offers $45 per month 5GB plan with unlimited call and text

Customers get the discounted rate for 12 months, then pay $55 after

Nova Scotia-based regional carrier Eastlink is offering a sweet flash sale deal for new customers.

For a limited time, new customers can get a 5GB data plan with unlimited calling and texting for just $45 per month.

Typically, the plan costs $55 per month, but for the first 12 months Eastlink is offering $10 off.

New customers can get this plan as a bring your own device (BYOD) deal, or pick a phone to go with it. Eastlink doesn’t charge anything upfront for most of its phones and instead charges a monthly fee for 24 months.

For example, if you wanted an iPhone 11, you’d pay $37.63 per month on top of the cost of the plan for two years until the device is paid off.

While the deal is primarily targetted at new customers, existing customers can still take advantage by adding another line to their account.

You can learn more about the offer on Eastlink’s website, as well as take advantage through the chat portal or by calling in.