The HTC team Google acquired built the Pixel 3a

Google acquired part of HTC's phone-making business in 2017

Rick Osterloh, Google’s hardware chief, has confirmed the HTC team Google acquired in September 2017 created the Pixel 3a. Osterloh revealed this information during the latest episode of The Verge’s podcast.

Google purchased part of HTC’s phone-making division for $1.1 billion USD ($1.4 billion CAD). The 3a was the first product this team released. This isn’t the first time HTC has made phones for Google, however. HTC created the first Pixel as well as the Pixel 2, but not the Pixel 2 XL.

Considering the HTC team made the Pixel 3a, it’s also reasonable to believe that the company created the Pixel 4 and 4 XL as well.

The Pixel 4’s design is a departure from the other previous handsets, even the 3a.

As an HTC fanboy, it’s nice to see that Google utilizing the HTC employees it acquired in a way that makes sense. It also makes sense why Google got rid of the notch, considering HTC has never featured a cutout in any of its devices yet.

Source: The Verge Via: Android Headline