Pixel 4 doesn’t offer two-button navigation from Android Pie

Pixel 4 owners can pick between Android 10's gesture system or three-button navigation instead

We knew it would happen, but now it’s official: the Pixel 4 doesn’t offer two-button navigation.

If you remember back when Android 9.0 Pie came out, Google introduced the first iteration of its gesture navigation. It replaced the standard three-button navigation with a two-button system, dubbed ‘pill’ navigation by users because of the pill-shaped home button.

While some were fans of the navigation system, by and large the pill was a stop-gap between three-button navigation and true gestures.

With Android 10, Google added true gesture navigation to its mobile OS. It’s a much better system than two-button navigation, but opinions are still divided.

Old pill gestures vs new Android 10 gestures

Left: Pixel 3 with two-button navigation. Right: Pixel 4 with no two-button option.

Unfortunately, those who get a Pixel 4 can only choose between gestures and the old three-button system. Pill navigation is no longer present.

However, older devices upgrading to Android 10 may retain the old option. Google’s Pixel 3 line, for example, still offers two-button navigation.

Other manufacturers may not, however. OnePlus, for example, ditched two-button navigation on its phones with the Android 10 update.

Ultimately, if you’re a big fan of two-button navigation, you may not want to upgrade your phone anytime soon.

Source: Android Police