Quebec launches $100 million projets Régions branchées project

The project will help connect thousands of homes to high-speed internet services in the Quebec region

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The Quebec Government is launching the $100-million projets Régions branchées to “support digital infrastructure projects in the regions.”

A press release translated from French from the provincial government indicated that the projects will support residents, businesses and organizations with high-quality broadband internet. It will help connect 70,000 homes and several thousand businesses in Quebec.

The release indicated that projects will serve areas that are partially served by broadband internet services, adding that these zones will have particular focus as they were not eligible under the last program put in place by the Quebec government.

The projets Régions branchées is part of the roll-out plan to provide high-speed internet access to homes and businesses, and Quebec intends to invest $400 million over the next few years.

The first part of the project is what has been launched today. The second part is a call for the projects announced in the last federal budget, which is planned to be announced after the federal election on October 21st.

The last part of the project will be to support applications to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. The application is available on the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation A press release and will be accepted until November 18th.

Bell applauded the provincial government for spearheading this endeavour.

“Bell shares the government’s objective to enhance Quebec’s economic growth and prosperity through the ongoing expansion of high-speed fibre connections, and we look forward to new opportunities to serve even more communities with the Régions branchées program,” said Martine Turcotte, vice-chair of Bell in Quebec, in a release. 

Rural internet service provider Xplornet also applauded the project.

“The launch of Régions branchées is an exciting development for rural Quebecers,” said Charles Beaudet, vice-president of Xplornet in Quebec, in the release. “This program demonstrates the commitment of the Province to ensure rural Quebecers are connected to today’s digital world. We are pleased to work with them to invest in these underserved regions of Quebec.”

Source: Quebec Government

Update 25/10/19: The article was updated with Xplornet’s comments.