Twitch viewers can now subscribe to streamers from iOS app

It costs more on iOS than desktop, however

Twitch sub iOS

Twitch users on iOS can now subscribe to streamers from within the app.

The perks of subscribing are identical on desktop and mobile, such as ad-free viewing, channel emotes, sub badgers and more.

However, the actual process of subscribing works differently. To start, you’ll need to buy an iOS Sub Token through the app. This is good for a one-month Tier 1 subscription. Up to 12 tokens can be redeemed at a time, which works out to one-year subscriptions.

It’s important to note that the iOS subscription fees are $5.99 USD ($7.86 CAD) instead of the usual $4.99 USD ($6.55 CAD). This is to account for the associated App Store fees.

That said, Twitch is offering a limited-time iOS deal that includes two Tokens for $8.99 USD ($11.80 CAD).

Source: Twitch