Google starts rolling out Play Store refresh for Android TV

The redesign should improve app discovery on Android TV

Google has begun rolling out its new Play Store redesign for Android TV in a limited capacity.

Some Reddit users spotted the visual overhaul over the weekend. Now, Google has confirmed to 9to5Google that the revamp will roll out to Android TV users over the “next few weeks.” Some older Android TV platforms won’t receive the update, but the majority of platforms will receive it.

The redesign focusses on making apps more discoverable and also brings a better overall look. Now, each app listing includes an auto-playing video in the background of the Play Store UI.

On top of that, Google will show personalized app recommendations for new apps. Further, the main home page will advertise Android TV-compatible apps and games.

It’ll do so under specific themes, such as ‘Start streaming’ that includes a variety of streaming services. On top of that, Google will expand categories like ‘Sports,’ ‘Games,’ ‘Productivity,’ and ‘Entertainment.’

The goal behind the changes is to highlight apps and improve app discovery for users, as the current design buries less popular apps.

Finally, the redesign reportedly doesn’t include a section for Play Pass, even though the subscription does technically work with Android TV. However, Play Pass still isn’t available in Canada, so Canadian viewers likely won’t miss this section.

Source: 9to5Google, Reddit