Google says Dual Exposure, Live HDR+ previews not coming to Pixel 3, 3a

If you really want those features, you'll need to spring for a Pixel 4

Pixel 4 camera

Google has officially confirmed that the new Dual Exposure Controls and Live HDR+ preview features on Pixel 4 won’t come to older devices.

The ‘Made by Google’ (@madebygoogle) account explained that these new features require hardware capabilities that aren’t present on older devices.

Unfortunately, that means Pixel 3 and 3a owners won’t get the features, at least officially. Unofficial Google Camera ports may bring the features to older devices, however.

For those unfamiliar with the new features, Dual Exposure Controls allow users to manually adjust highlights and lowlights in a photo before capturing an image.

As for Live HDR+ previews, they allow users to see an approximation of what their photo will look like before they snap a photo. Previously, Pixel users wouldn’t know how a picture would look with HDR until after it was taken.

While disappointing that the features won’t come to older devices, it’s fair considering the reliance on newer hardware. Besides, Google is bringing other Pixel 4 features to older devices, such as astrophotography and Android 10’s Live Caption feature.

Source: Google (Twitter) Via: Android Authority