Android 10 ‘Rules’ feature spotted in action by lone user

It looks like Google is currently testing the feature

During the Android Q beta 5 an unannounced feature called ‘Rules‘ was spotted. Now, the functionality has quietly gone live for what seems like at least one user.

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network or arrive at a location, the phone performs one of four actions called Rules. The feature is capable of turning on ‘do not disturb,’ ‘set phone to silent,’ ‘set phone to vibrate,’ and also, ‘set phone to ring.’

According to 9to5Google, a German-based Pixel 2 XL user had the Rules feature appear in their device’s Settings menu. Based on the information received by 9to5, the location feature in rules allows users to set an activation radius.

Android 10 will set these ‘rules’ based on repeated actions. To explain further, when a user arrives at home and sets their phone to ring every day, Android 10 will take note of this and suggest that action as a rule.

It looks like Google is likely testing the feature prior to a wider launch. As always, it’s also possible the Mountain View, California company could ditch this functionality entirely.

Source: 9to5Google