Some U.K. banks taking security action after Samsung S10 fingerprint flaw

No banks in Canada or the U.S. are blocking S10 fingerprint authentication

Galaxy S10

While Samsung has said it will roll out a patch to fix a fingerprint security flaw with the Galaxy S10, some banks in the U.K. are removing their apps from Samsung’s flagship, or are blocking fingerprint authentication.

The S10’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner reportedly authenticates with a 3D-printed fingerprint and also unlocks for anyone when some third-party screen protectors have been applied to the smartphone. Samsung said these security flaws will be fixed in an upcoming security patch.

Reddit users reported the inability to use some of their bank’s functionality because of the fingerprint flaw. The banks include NatWest and Nationwide Building Society in the United Kingdom.

NatWest has pulled the app from the Play Store on Galaxy S10 devices, while Nationwide Building Society has just disabled its app’s fingerprint authentication functionality.

Android Authority also reported that some banks in Israel are removing the authentication method as well.

There are no reports of banks in the U.S. or Canada taking action have surfaced as of yet.

Source: Android Authority