Telus launches cybersecurity service for mid-sized businesses

The service will let companies monitor potential threats, respond to threats quickly and provide real-time information

Telus has launched a cybersecurity service for mid-sized Canadian businesses.

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, which was once available for larger corporations, is now going to be offered to smaller companies, a press release said.

It will help provide “critical capabilities required to accelerate the detection of and response to cybersecurity threats across networks, endpoints and cloud services.”

It will provide, among other services, the ability to monitor potential threats, responding to threats immediately, providing recommendations to ensure that the customer takes the right action, and providing real-time information about the status of the network, Telus said.

“Any organization can be the target of a cybersecurity threat, and our new service is purpose-built for companies not large enough to hire in-house expertise ready to detect and remediate cybersecurity threats in their networks, end-points and cloud environments,” said Carey Frey, Telus’ vice-president and chief security officer, in the release. “Our service will accelerate our customers’ ability to detect and respond to malicious attacks threatening their business.”

MDR was developed in partnership with Field Effect Software, a leader in cybersecurity analytics, the release said.

Source: Telus