Election 2019: The funniest tweets from last night’s federal election

As polls closed and votes were counted, Canadians were having a lot of fun on Twitter watching the results

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While analysts tried to make sense of last night’s Canadian federal election results, others on Twitter were having a lot of fun tweeting.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was able to hold onto his seat and get re-elected as Canada’s next Prime Minister with a minority government.

His party won 156 seats in the House of Commons — 14 seats short of the 170 required for a majority.

The Conservatives won 121 seats, the Bloc Québécois won 32 seats, while the New Democrat Party won 24 seats. The Green Party of Canada won three seats, and former Liberal Justice Minister Jody Wilson Raybould, who ran as an Independent, won her seat.

Before we get into the list of funny tweets, here are some interesting stats from Twitter. A spokesperson indicated that 2019 has the most mentions of #cdnpoli on Twitter of any year in history. Compared to 2015, the use of the hashtag increased by 90 percent this past year.

Trudeau was mentioned 60 percent more than Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer since the election was called in September.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s follower count grew by 59 percent, Scheer’s follower count grew by 20 percent and Trudeau’s follower count grew by two percent.

Of course, controversial politician Maxime Bernier lost his seat and did not get any of his party members of the People’s Party elected.

Canadian news satire website, The Beaverton, had a bit of fun when it was announced that Bernier lost.

The publication tweeted: “Update: Maxime Bernier too racist even for Quebec #cdnpoli #elxn43.”

The publication also had some fun tweeting about that random guy we’ve all seen that has lots of numbers in his Twitter handle.

The National Post’s Brian Platt was keeping “a very close eye on the results” as well as his Domino’s order. We at MobileSyrup really want to know what kind of pizza the Post’s newsroom ordered.

Paul Fairie, a political researcher based in Alberta, kept refreshing his page to see results coming in.

The Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Robert Benzie jokingly tweeted about the Patriots.

Twitter user @ScriptsByJames really wanted some help understanding the election Michael Scott style.

Josh Visser, editorial director of Vice Canada, tweeted the following overheard in the newsroom joke. While we’re not sure, but personally, we at MobileSyrup think it was a hologram.

News 1130’s Mike Lloyd went out to vote and now, somehow, has decided to vote his dog off the island.

And, of course, who doesn’t love hearing the words “CBC decision desk”? National Observer’s disinformation reporter Emma McIntosh felt the same way.