Samsung aims to sell five to six million foldable phones in 2020

The six million will include Samsung's upcoming clamshell foldable

Galaxy Fold

Samsung is reportedly looking to sell five to six million foldable phones in 2020, according to ETNews.

Reportedly, the sales volume for the Galaxy Fold this year is so far only 500,000 units, which means that the South Korean company will need to increase sales more than 10 times to hit its goal.

Samsung initially had a target of 10 million units but changed that number to six million following the release of the Galaxy Fold.

This number doesn’t only include the Galaxy Fold, however. Samsung will introduce new devices with foldable displays in 2020, including a clamshell model early to mid-next year.

To be able to produce this many handsets, Samsung will need to invest in module facilities in Vietnam to increase production, according to the report.

While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is not coming to Canada, the company’s upcoming clamshell foldable device could make its way here.

Source: ETNews Via: Android Central